A Brooklyn dad built a spaceship loft bed for his son that will blow your mind.

Spaceship loft bed dad built for his son.
Credit: BrooklynEWD/Imgur

A Brooklyn dad just finished a DIY project for his four-year-old that, IMHO, puts all other DIYs to shame. Check out this futuristic twin-sized spaceship loft bed—complete with stairs, storage, and a seriously cool control panel—that the whole family can pile on top of for story time.

Lucky kid!

Reddit user BrooklynEWD shared a bunch of pics of his masterpiece on Imgur, along with a play-by-play that gives readers the 411 on how he basically crushed this project—which was actually his first DIY build ever! The first step, making a model of the bed and control panel using 3D modeling software Sketchup, was no easy task. "This was easily the most labor intensive part of the whole process," he explained.

Once he had his design down, Dad decided to add a spaceship chair, which he created based on the dimensions of a pre-made seat cover for a go-cart. Sounds pretty cool. By why not just go out and, you know, buy a chair?

"I went to the extra trouble so my son could go to the shop with me and watch the machine cut the chair from a piece of 1/2" birch ply, then he could fit it together to make the chair himself," he explained. "I want him to see that we can make things ourselves, and that not everything has to come from a store."

World's Greatest Dad alert!

Seat and control panel in spaceship loft bed dad built for son.
Credit: BrooklynEWD/Imgur

When construction was finished, he then got to work sanding and priming. "The clock was ticking," he said. "My family was out of town for the week so I worked on this every evening for 7 days to complete it."

That's some serious dedication. But in the end, he decided to leave the space under the bed unpainted, so that he will have another project to complete with his son down the road. "It's important to me that he make the space his own (when he's ready)," he wrote. "And this seemed like a great way to facilitate that."

A super-fly bed with an important takeaway message. Top that, Martha Stewart!

The highlight of the whole project is definitely the control panel, which features an iPad for a screen and boasts knobs and switches that actually light up.

Dad builds son a futuristic twin-sized spaceship loft bed.
Credit: BrooklynEWD/Imgur

So amazing! But ingenuity like this comes at a price.

"It definitely cost more than I had hoped," Dad admitted. "The final price for all materials was somewhere around $800, but the vendors' labor almost doubled that. It was less than that $4000 'Star Wars bed' from pottery barn kids, so I feel like I won."

Son at control panel of spaceship loft bed his dad built for him.
Credit: BrooklynEWD/Imgur

We're pretty sure his kid won, too.

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