Logan Everett is one doll in American Girl's new line of contemporary characters being released this year.


The Internet is abuzz with big news from American Girl. For the first time, the realistic-doll maker is introducing an 18-inch American Boy. Yup, like the Kanye West song.

logan and drumset
Credit: Courtesy American Girl

According to a statement on the company's website, the move comes "in response to thousands of impassioned requests from fans for more options." The boy doll, named Logan Everett, is actually part of a new 2017 series of "contemporary characters and stories designed to speak to even more girls' interests, backgrounds, and experiences."

American Girl 2017 new characters
Credit: Courtesy American Girl

Interesting how they used the word "girls'" rather than "children's" in describing who the dolls are being marketed to.

Logan and Tenney performing
Credit: Courtesy American Girl

In any event, the collection also includes a singer-songwriter doll named Tenney Grant, and a Korean-American doll named Z Yang. The announcement about the contemporary character collection comes on the heels of the toy maker announcing some of its dolls will be made with sewn-on, instead of removable underwear (which apparently has enraged some parents!).

It's worth noting that American Girl previously sold a smaller boy doll as part of a Bitty Baby twin set. We bought it for my middle daughter years ago because, well, she wanted a boy doll. At that time, I thought it was pretty cool that they sold boy dolls, and I'm thrilled American Girl is expanding its offerings in this department.

tenney and logan lifestyle closeup
Credit: Courtesy American Girl

I'm just left wondering if the dolls are also being marketed to boys, or just girls?

Could it be time to change the name of the company to American Child or American Kid?

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