The Tennessee father's super-sweet glimpse at #dadlife is going viral. 

By Maressa Brown
November 17, 2017
Ballet man and woman tutu
Credit: Emily Marie Wilson/shutterstock 

A dad from Knoxville, Tennesse is making headlines this week after sharing a super-sweet moment with his step-daughter on Instagram. On Monday, November 12, Thanh Tran accompanied his 8-year-old Adriana Cross to her school's ballet night. For for the special occasion -- during which Tran performed with Adriana -- the proud dad wore tights, a leotard, and a tutu. Several super-cute snaps were taken of the performance, and Tran shared a collage to social media.

“Dad life 101, you participate in every parent night no matter what it is,” Tran captioned the post. “Even if it calls for tutu for ballet night. But the look back smile from her made it all worth it. Not gonna lie, my calves and toes were cramping up.”

“I knew it would bring a lot of joy to my daughter,” Tran told People. “Seeing her big smile when I walked in was all worth it.”

Adriana's mom and Tran’s wife, Rebecca, is seven months pregnant and decided to spectate vs. participate this time around, People reports. “He stepped up to fill in for me. It was mostly moms participating,” she explained to the site. “I loved it! I thought it was very sweet and funny too. ... He’s been in her life since she was 4 years old and she’s never been a step-daughter to him. Seeing them together is what made me realize he was the man I was going to marry.”

She elaborated: “He has never missed a parent-daughter moment in 4 years. Every field trip, every school activity, every practice, he’s been there. Adriana can count on him.”

There's no doubt about that! This fierce father most definitely deserves a standing ovation!