Amazing 4-Year-Old Wants to Be a Superhero for the Homeless

Austin Perine, a 4-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, is making national headlines for his efforts to help feed homeless people in his community. 

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Kids are always coming up with adorably innocent, big-hearted takes on every day situations. Takes that we adults could stand to learn from. In the case of a 4-year-old from Alabama, that couldn't be more true. Austin Perine is making national headlines for his mission to feed as many homeless people as possible—while dressed like a superhero and going by the moniker "President Austin."

His father, TJ Perine, told CBS News that the little boy opted for that title, because feeding the homeless is Austin's "idea of what the president is supposed to do. I was like, 'Buddy, you have no idea,' but hey, I'm going along with it."

Perine explained to the news outlet that Austin was originally inspired when they were watching a TV show about pandas. A mother panda abandoned a baby, and Perine explained to his son that the cub was now homeless. "He says, 'What's homeless?'" Perine shared. "I said, 'It's when you don't have a home and sometimes you don't have mom or dad around.'"

As soon as he learned that people can be homeless, as well, he became determined to make a difference. Austin told his parents that he'd like to put his allowance (which would usually be spent on toys) toward chicken sandwiches for homeless people. Now, wearing a cape, the 4-year-old will pass those sandwiches out and say, "Don't forget to show love."

As the CBS News report shows, the recipients of Austin's sandwiches have no problem doing just that. They're truly touched by his efforts.

And clearly, little Austin finds the experience gratifying, as well. "Feeding the homeless is the highlight of my life," he told CBS News. So amazing. Let's hope he inspires people of all ages to follow in his heroic footsteps.

To support Austin's efforts, check out his GoFundMe, home of his Show Love Foundation. According to TJ Perine, Show Love "is a nonprofit movement that will involve traveling and fighting hunger and establishing a facility that will help with food, toiletries, drug rehabilitation and shelter integration. ... Austin and I will lead the getting the facility established as we will withdraw funds as once a week with documentation on how it is being spent. As you know, Austin is only 4 so I will be handling your pledges with care to ensure that they are put to use efficiently and effectivly [sp]."

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