booger parody

It feels like every time I hop in the car, Maroon 5's latest single "Sugar" is on the radio. And, let me tell you, that's a song that really gets stuck in your head! I was actually singing it (in my head) when I came across this truly hilarious parody of the song, "Booger."

The music video is the creation of YouTube star and mom-of-two Deva Dalporto, who is no stranger to internet musical comedy -- perhaps you have seen "Suburban Funk," her take on "Uptown Funk"? (If not watch it NOW.) She is a lyrical genius.

Anyway, we all know kids, while lovable, are gross as can be when it comes to bodily fluids: puke, poop, blood, you name it. And most kids love that they're gross. Dalporto says she enlisted help from children in her neighborhood to create this video and it was one of the most fun shoots yet. You can totally see on their faces that they are having a blast. Plus, moms and dads deal with being a human tissue and nurse on a daily basis, which makes this song a bit more relatable than the lyrics to "Sugar." So this is really the family-friendly music video that we've all been waiting for. And  what are you waiting for now? Watch it below:

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Hannah Werthan is the associate social media editor for Between babysitting and caring for her younger brothers, she's seen a whole lotta snot. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.