Are mermaid photo shoots the next big thing? We hope so!

By Melissa Willets
September 19, 2017

What little girl doesn't love mermaids? Well two sisters named Sophia and Haidyn Grulkey are so mermaid obsessed, they recently took part in an adorable photo shoot with tails, treasure, and sand, courtesy of photographer Lyndsey Wright.


When Bri, the 5- and 4-year-old sisters' mom, first contacted Wright about the shoot, she told The Huffington Post that she wasn't quite sold. "I had never heard of a mermaid photo shoot so my response was 'WTF are you talking about?'" She added, "I thought it seemed a little cheesy and not exactly my style."

But then her creative juices started flowing, and she came up with ideas for the set, including a treasure chest, shells, pearls and gold coins. And, adorableness was born.


Wright admitted to HuffPost, "Once I got to the beach and started putting it all together, I knew I had been wrong about the session because I was already in love with it!"

Um, so are we! I can only imagine how delighted my daughters would be to take part in a photo shoot like this. Kind of as delighted as Sophia and Haidyn are.


After their beach shoot was over and the girls saw their finished photos, Wright says they thought they looked like real mermaids. As for the photographer's feelings on the shoot, she says, "I know I'm not even close to the first person to do a session like this. But when shoots like this do get noticed, I feel like it pushes photographers and our clients to think outside the box and come up with the next big trend."

We totally wouldn't be mad at a mermaid photo shoot movement! Because isn't this what childhood is all about? Dressing up, using your imagination, and dreaming you can be anything you want to be.


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In fact, my 4-year-old has told me on many occasions that when she grows up, she wants to be a mom, and a mermaid. Sounds like an awesome aspiration to me!

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