Just when you think it can't get any crazier, the sanctimommies show up to tell a popular mom blogger how to stack food in her shopping cart.

By Hollee Actman Becker
October 09, 2017
Credit: FLUKY FLUKY/Shutterstock

You know the mommy shamers have reached a new low when they start criticizing a fellow member of the tribe for the way she stacks her groceries in her cart.

That's right. Mom of four Constance Hall was just trying to share a super-cute pic of her daughter Snow riding along in the grocery cart during a recent supermarket outing, when a bunch of sanctimommy keyboard warriors felt the need to hijack the comment section and school Hall on not just her food choices but on the way everything was organized in her cart:

Sweet pic, right? I mean, all I see here is an adorable little kid and a mom on a mission to feed her family. The judge-y comments seem particularly out of place on this post not just because the image of Snow is so Norman Rockwell-worthy, but also because Hall is such a big proponent of saluting ALL mamas and lifting them up instead of breaking them down.

Which is probably why the popular Australian blogger quickly jumped in to delete the offensive comments regarding her purchase of "unhealthy" items like butter, eggs, and two-minute noodles—and we SO don't blame her: her post, her rules. She did leave in all the weirdly critical analysis from the bread police about her supposed organization fail, however:


"The bread on the bottom infuriates me," added another.

And from a third: "My ocd cannot handle the way that trolley is stacked!"

First of all... what are two-minute noodles because I must have them! Second, do people really organize their grocery carts while they're shopping? Because that is totally news to me. And third, shame on these haters. Or as Hall later put it when she circled back on the post to defend herself:

"For f**** sake. Getting mum judged on your anti mum judging page. Then everyone attacks the judgey mum even though you're an advocate for women sticking together. And if I was to drink the stiff bottle of scotch that this thread made me want to drink I'd be judged for that."

She's so right. I mean, I'm always here for a nice fifth of scotch. But for the most part, moms today are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Which is why it was so nice to see so many show up to back Hall up applauding her grocery game in the comments and sharing pics of their own shopping fails:

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More of this please, mamas. Every single one of us is a provider and warrior and superhero who is just trying to do our best to keep our kids clean and fed and healthy—germ bananas and all. None of it is easy, but all of it is commendable. So let's just stop the mommy shaming once and for all now, OK?

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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