A Holiday Gift for You? Someone Made a Wine Advent Calendar!

24 mini bottles for every day of the month? Yes, please!
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In just two days it will officially be fall, which means the holidays are right around the corner. And now there's a pretty stellar way to make sure your Christmas season is both merry and bright.

The supermarket chain Aldi is releasing a wine advent calendar on November 1 that will hold 24 mini-bottles of wine—that's the equivalent of 6 standard-size bottles, you guys. Ho, ho, ho!

The festive date-keeper will be sold in a big blue box labeled "24 days of celebration," and will reportedly feature a mix of reds, whites, rosés, and bubblies that will help keep the edge off all those visits with your family.


"Every day offers a new mini bottle of wine for an evening indulgence in the lead-up to Christmas," Aldi's website explains. "There's no better advent calendar out there."

We couldn't agree more. Pretty sure this boozefest-in-a-box would make the best gift ever. I mean, who wouldn't want to count down to the holidays with this baby? It even tops the new Mad Beauty advent calendar Asos just dreamed up, and we were really excited about that one. But wine trumps mascara every single time.

There is one tiny little catch however—the Wine Mama's dream box will only be sold in the UK.

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Cheerio, mate! I always did want to spend the holidays abroad.

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