8-Year-Old's Story About 'Special Medicine' Led to Drug Bust

School officials and police wanted to know the real story behind an 8-year-old's homework assignment.

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Sometimes I cringe when I hear the things my 7-year-old daughter shares with her class. Like that Mommy sometimes says bad words when she's driving; that was the subject of a recent journal entry. Luckily that's about as bad as it gets. But when a Vermont second-grader wrote a story about something going on at his home, the police had to get involved.

According to Pop Sugar, an 8-year-old boy described helping his mom's boyfriend farm "special medicine that can cure anything at all." Hmmm... When school officials told authorities, they found two "grow rooms" containing more than 25 pot plants, located near the little boy's bedroom no less!

The boy also revealed to a detective that people frequently visit the home, clearly to buy marijuana.

Incredibly, this young man's story lead to the arrest of his mom, Leona Hunt, and her boyfriend, Steven Mann, and he is now in the custody of the Department for Children and Families.

So it just goes to show that you'd better be careful what you do and say around your kids, eh? They don't really have a filter, and eventually they will tell someone you walk around the house naked, or think the school principal is hot. Not that I do! (Hey, at least these things are legal!)

Has your child ever revealed something embarrassing about you at school or during a conversation with others? If so, what was it...we won't tell!

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