8 #InTheTrenches Parenting Moments from Real Moms and Dads

Our readers shared some of their ickiest, gross-out parenting moments from potty training and sick days.

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These true in-the-trenches moments prove parents are troopers for navigating through situations that would make a Judd Apatow movie look clean. Our readers told stories of poop throwing, public puking, and even worse kid disasters on Facebook. Read about all the best messes below—and share your #InTheTrenches moment in the comments!

"Once one of my kids came running past me and into the bathroom. Few minutes later I hear crying, I go in to my kid crying: 'I tried daddy, tried so hard...but I couldn't make it.' Turns out he had diarrhea in his pants, on the floor, over the toilet and on the sink... Worst part, it ALSO got down the air vent so diarrhea was actually blowing back up in our faces. Good times." - Joseph Kulha

"My boys are 3 and 5 now BUT back when my youngest was about 6 months old and crawling around and my oldest was 2 and potty training (he was trained with pee but was refusing to poo in the potty) and he used to hide under his train table and poo. Well one time he pooped under the table and didn't tell me. I didn't know until his baby brother came crawling into the kitchen with what looked like chocolate dripping out of his mouth except I didn't give him any chocolate!!!! Omg I was puking while trying to scrub my 6 month olds mouth out. It was the most horrifying thing I've ever encountered as a mom (that is until he was at his aunts house a few months later when he was about 10 months old and he ate out of her cat litter box). Oh I'm looking forward to him bringing home girlfriends when he's a teenager. Can't wait to tel them all about their boyfriend eating so much poop as a baby." - Katie Mandy

"We used the 'bare bottom' potty-training approach so I knew I was going to clean pee off my hardwood floors...I did not expect to be catching poop in my bare hands #inthetrenches" - Chantel Horn

"When my 3 yo gets a cold and coughs a lot at night she sometimes [will] wind up cough/gagging and throwing up (we both have bad gag reflexes). During hurricane Matthew, with no power and my husband out of town, she barfed in the middle of the night all over her bed. No biggie, I figured I'll just bring her to my bed, once it happens she's done and good to go, and I'd deal with that crusty vomit hell tomorrow. Half an hour later she proceeded to cough, gag, and projectile vomit phlegm and the last of her spaghetti dinner all over my bed. Ever tried cleaning a vomit-covered child and change sheets by flashlight?! It ain't fun..." - Andrea Phillips

"When my daughter was around 2 she pooped in the tub. Quite a large one too. She knew it didn't belong in there and before I could get to her (was sitting on the toilet two feet away as she played) she picked it up and threw it at me. ?" - Amanda Johnson

"[One] time my daughter peed on the bathroom floor at Sam's club. Was trying to change her because she had had an accident on the drive over and she proceeded to pee (after I had taken her off the toilet of course) all over the floor when I was trying to get some clean clothes out of her bag. I couldn't help but laugh as I was cleaning up this massive puddle. How does someone so small make such a large puddle?!?" - Amanda Cammarota

"When I was potty training my now 4yr old we did the bare bottom method and I was cooking dinner when my 2yr old walked in and pooped right there. It was hard and long, she looked at it and started crying, running away from it. Lol she still talks about it." - Theresa Ernestine

"My daughter gets horrible migraines, especially if she gets overly hot or is stressed (she's very shy) She did an overnight event with Girl Scouts where she had to dress up like she was from the 1700s. At the end of the event we were on our way home when she had the sudden urge to throw up. So I pull up to a gas pump at a seedy gas station where she proceeds to start hurling her guts out in the trash can. So there she is, dressed up like she's from 1700, throwing up, while I frantically wipe down the trash can with antibacterial wipes because I'm certain she's going to get the plague or something from touching this trash can or tetanus because of course she's barefoot. And there is some poor teenage/early 20s guy pumping gas staring at me like ?. And I shout over to him "the joys of parenthood." And this is the story of how I convinced a young man to never become a parent." - Jennifer Rachel

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