Job requirements include: being the envy of kids and adults everywhere. 

It is no secret that the monumental success of YouTube has changed the entertainment industry forever. The Google-owned, video sharing website provides anyone with the opportunity to become a self-made celebrity—if you're willing to make YouTube a full-time gig. One YouTuber making internet history goes by the account name of Ryan ToysReview, and the 7-year-old star does exactly as promised—reviews toys. So what does he get in return for broadcasting his playtime? According to Forbes, Ryan is currently reigning as the highest paid YouTuber of 2018, with a $22 million-dollar pre-tax income.

As we all self-evaluate our career choices, Ryan—whose name and whereabouts are kept extremely private due to his age—is getting paid to review toys from the comfort of his own home. (A dream come true for kids and adults everywhere.) With 17 million followers, and videos put out almost daily, you can imagine the 7-year-old had some help. Ryan ToysReview is a family-run YouTube page that has expanded their content from toy reviews to animated shorts, food reviews, DIY videos, and more.

According to The Verge, Ryan sparked interest in making toy reviews at the age of 4 after watching others do the same on YouTube. Success came in July of 2015 after Ryan's review of 100+ Pixar toy cars went viral—hitting over 800 million views.

Since shooting to YouTube stardom,  Ryan's family has created multiple YouTube channels including Ryan's Family Review (3 million subscribers), Gus the Gummy Gator (500 thousand subscribers), and Combo Panda (500 thousand subscribers)—talk about a family business.

As we continue to clip coupons and clock in overtime, Ryan has us thinking—is it really that easy to become a millionaire? The answer is yes for the 7-year-old providing a lifetime of financial security for him and his family. As for the rest of us, it's probably is best that we stick to our day jobs.