6 Ideas for Not-too-mushy Valentines

The least-mushy Valentine I've ever received — and admittedly, one of the cleverest — came from a college friend. It consisted, simply, of one square inch of white printer paper with his signature on the back. On the front? A medically accurate outline of the human heart, like this:

heart 36074

As a personal proponent of heartfelt cards in any form, from poetic Hallmark versions to handmade cutouts, (who doesn't like to be on the receiving end of one of these?), I can still understand: your kids might not enjoy being the sender. Especially if we're talking mushy-gushy cards. 'But Mom, do I have to bring these in for the whole class?'

To alleviate their fears (and spare them the rose-red colored blushes), point them toward homemade, embarrassment-free Valentines they can give proudly. Here are six fitting February 14 options:

1. Dangerous or sweet? These Shiny Sharks offer classmates a treat:

sharks 36075

2. This practical pencil and pad of paper are fun to decorate — and receive:

pad 36076

3. Give everyone the time of day with a wearable candy-watch:

watch 36077
game 36078

5. A school of (Swedish) fish and a kind sentiment are sure to go over swimmingly:

fish 36079

6. Even friends who are scared of mice will think these chocolate critters are cool:

mice 36080

For more Valentine's Day cards from FamilyFun, plus treats and decorations, check out this slideshow.

Lucy Casale is an assistant editor at FamilyFun. She's also not afraid to admit the following: 1. Valentine's Day is her second-favorite holiday ever and 2. She will personally be sending a number of very mushy Valentines this year.

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