Three sweet confections (and one guilt-free savory snack!) to celebrate Valentine's Day.

What's the best thing about Valentine's Day?  Aside from the charming construction paper cards my girls make for me year after year, my honest answer is: the sweet stuff. I'm a hopeless sugar addict who can't ever seem to get past a candy dish without sneaking a foil wrapped candy (or two). And while there's nothing quite like chocolate, I really don't discriminate—except perhaps when it comes to store-bought (yum!) versus homemade (yummier!) goodies.

Each holiday I try to make a special treat with my two youngest daughters who, much like their mom, can't get enough of keeping busy in the kitchen. Though we haven't decided on what we'll make for Valentine's Day this year, I'm thinking we'll attempt something that's heart-shaped. My girls love cutting and decorating cookies, but as the treats below show, there's so much more to choose from. I'm even eyeing a savory snack—also below—that's so easy to make it may land in their lunchboxes this week as a prelude to our weekend festivities.

HaveaHeart214 36093

Gelatin Hearts

These gelatin hearts require two steps, but offer a big payoff (and enough to feed a crowd!)...

ss_R113051 36094

Crispy Rice Treats

I suspect these crispy rice treats will be a top contender for our family baking session. They're on a stick after all!

cupid kebobs215 36095

Cupid Kebabs

Despite the lack of sugar, my three year old who recently discovered the deliciousness of "grape 'matos" would be pleased to find these in her lunchbox.

ss_R085811 36096

Valentine Butter Cookies

You can't ever go wrong with butter cookies!