4 Delicious Reasons to Love St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and though celebrating the holiday at my house seldom extends beyond wearing the requisite green clothing item, this year it couldn't be more welcome. Why? Well first of all, spring. If you're in the northeast like we are (or just about anywhere it seems) you've been suffering through one of the most snowy, frigid winters ever. Just the thought of floating through the month of March toward the sunnier, more colorful days of April makes the last days of winter feel a little warmer. And I love the color green! I've grown especially fond of it in more recent weeks due to said weather. I'm longing for grass! Leaves! Any sort of sign of life in the frozen tundra that has become my backyard. Walking behind a push lawn mower and cutting shrubs has never sounded more wonderful.

So while I'm waiting for more color to emerge from beneath the snow banks, I'm settling for St. Patrick's Day and verdant springy-ness that it can represent. Sort of like a precursor to Easter. As food editor at FamilyFun, I can say without a hint of exaggeration that some of my most favorite treats have been ones that I've chosen for this very green and magical holiday. Rainbows, itty-bitty leprechaun treats, green muffins—what's not to love? This round-up of some of some of the best are sure to add color to your family's celebration and make your kids feel like it's their lucky (St. Patrick's) day!

This veggie rainbow from blogger Deirdre Smith couldn't be more clever - watch the video above to see how to assemble:

Over the Veggie Rainbow Peppers
Photograph By Doug Merriam, Idea By Deirdre Smith Of Jdaniel4Smom.Com

Add some luck to the dinner table with these warm and fluffy clover-shaped rolls.

Shamrock Rolls
Joe Polillio

Lure a leprechaun with these teensy, tiny doughnuts:

Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Top off the afternoon with this cucumber snack:

Leprechaun hats
Photograph by Laura Doss

Joy Howard is the food editor at FamilyFun. She will be wearing her favorite pair of boots on St. Patrick's Day, which just happen to be green.

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