Ever since my son was little, I've made a point of preserving a few special mementos to help me remember, and savor, this brief time while he's young. There's the silhouette I made from brightly-patterned scrapbook paper when he was about a year old. The tiny footprint molded in Plaster of Paris that I framed in a shadow box along with a photo of me holding him in the hospital. Now that he's a little older, I'm looking for ways to use his artwork in some of the projects, and get him involved in helping me make them.

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Like most families, we now have an abundance of kid fingerpaintings, watercolors, and more. This collage project lets you use the best parts from each (make photocopies if you don't want to cut up the originals) and turn otherwise ordinary works into a true showstopper.

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We need a rotating gallery space to display the rest of my son's prodigious output, and I love how simple these inexpensive curtain rods are to install. To keep clutter under control, we'll snap a photo before changing out the artwork, then display the pictures in a keepsake photo album rather than store all of the originals.

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I've been remiss in not starting a growth chart before now. This one is portable, so we can take it with us if we ever move, and it lets me include a photo and footprints, too.

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A family tree that doubles as a toy and will teach my son our genealogy as he plays with it? Perfect!

Mary Giles is the Deputy Editor of FamilyFun. She's always on the lookout for sweet ways to preserve her son's healthy output of artwork.