A new survey ranks cities with the most and least parent date nights.
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When was the last time you and your significant other had a "date night?" Chances are, it's been quite awhile. Particularly if you happen to live in say, Sacramento, Albany, or Boston.

Say what?

Care.com surveyed 1,200 parents about their feelings towards dating, and also compiled rankings on cities with the most and least date nights in the U.S. While Texas cites El Paso, San Antonio, and McAllen topped the list—yeehaw!—cities in New York, Massachusettes, and California came in at the bottom.

Sorry, guys!

And here's what else they found:

A whopping 30 percent of parents reported that it's been six months or longer (!!) since their last date. That's a long time! Which is probably why 85 percent of parents said they wished they could go out more. And while more than two-thirds of parents said they had no complaints with their relationship, 29 percent admitted they wouldn't mind a little more electricity.

To that end, the survey found that taking the initiative is sexy, with 66 percent of parents revealing they wished their partner would plan more dates. And if you need some incentive to do so, check out this stat: More than 88 percent of parents said they feel more attracted to their partner after a date!

Wondering where your city falls on the list? Here you go:

Top 10 Cities With Most Date Nights

  1. El Paso, TX
  2. San Antonio, TX
  3. McAllen, TX
  4. Charleston, SC
  5. Las Vegas, NV
  6. Honolulu, HI
  7. New Orleans, LA
  8. Virginia Beach, VA
  9. Phoenix, AZ

10. Denver, CO

Top 10 Cities With Least Number of Date Nights

  1. Worcester, MA
  2. Oxnard, CA
  3. Bridgeport, CT
  4. Stockton, CA
  5. Sacramento, CA
  6. Springfield, MA
  7. Rochester, NY
  8. Albany, NY
  9. Fresno, CA

10. Boston, MA

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