A young boy saved his friend when she began choking....and the move he learned from his own dad may have saved her life. 


An 11-year-old boy may have just saved his friend's life—and it's all thanks to his dad, who taught him what to do in this emergency situation.

According to a report from WMUR, middle school student Jack Mongeau was in science class when his classmate, Bella Moran, started choking on a lollipop. The kid showed incredible bravery and some seriously quick thinking skills: When he noticed the girl seemed to be saying "help me," he stepped up and gave her the Heimlich maneuver. The method worked: After he pushed on her stomach a few times, the lodged lollipop came out, and Moran was fine.

While we considered this kid's moves to be pretty heroic, he insisted he doesn't see himself as a hero. "I asked him...'are you going to say you're a hero?' And he says 'there's policemen and firemen [and soldiers] that do this every day.' He's just an 11-year-old who jumped when he had to," Steve Mongeau told WMUR of his son, who has dreamed of becoming a state trooper for years.

For the girl he saved, this boy's actions came from a really sweet place. “I knew he would help me," she said. "Because he's my best friend."