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Parents Hire Bigfoot for Child's Birthday Party—and the Kids Were Terrified
One mom decided to invite Bigfoot to her daughter's sixth birthday party and a hilarious video shows just how scared the young guests were.
Viral Photo Series Shows Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons
The Facebook page Thunder Dungeon shared a series of images under the caption, "Reasons why my tiny human is crying."
This Parent's Explanation to a Child About Non-Binary Gender Is Goals
Artist Jay Jackson tweeted about their colleague's conversation with a child about how some people don't identify as a boy or a girl.  
Toddler Born With a Rare Condition Is Capturing the Hearts of the Whole Internet
Byron Baxter is a 3-year-old who was born with a rare condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. He's quickly become a viral star, capturing the attention of celebs like Cardi B.
Dad Inspired Nationwide Campaigns to Eliminate School Lunch Debt
In 2017, the Seattle father started a locally-targeted GoFundMe to "try to help ease the burden of families and make sure these children get to eat a nutritious meal each day at school." His efforts have not only been successful but inspired similar campaigns. 
These Smart Bathing Suits Are Making Summer Less Stressful for Parents
This swimsuit design is the brainchild of two moms who wanted to take the stress out of taking their L.O.s to the bathroom at the pool or beach.

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5-Year-Old Wrote His Own Obituary & It's as Funny as It Is Heartbreaking
A little boy from Des Moines died earlier this month of cancer. Now, the obituary that he helped pen himself has left his loved ones and people all over the country with tears and laughter.
Little Girl Told Her Mom That She Found a 'Bra' in Her Dad's Car
After the 4-year-old spied what she was convinced was a bra, she "tattled" on her father, prompting him to take to Twitter and share the funny story.