Toddler Discipline Tips

Disciplining a toddler can be a challenge for many parents. Here are the best discipline tips for toddlers and some techniques you should avoid.


[MUSIC] Disciplining toddlers can be very challenging. I have a special place in my heart for toddlers because they're so completely unreasonable. They're trying to figure out the world and run it at the same time. They love to say things like no, mine, and I do it. Which put them in conflict with adult agendas. They also have big emotions in those little bodies, which means they can have meltdowns. With children this young, we don't wanna spend a lot of time talking about why, what they're doing is wrong. It works much better to just. Redirect or distract them. So if your toddler is trying to empty the garbage can, open the Tupperware drawer so he can empty that instead. It also really helps to set up the environment so that its toddler friendly. So that your child can explore without getting in danger or getting in trouble. It's also easier to get the toddler to cooperate,. If we give them two choices. Do you want apple, or pear with lunch? This gives them a sense of power, in a way that doesn't inconvenience you. I don't recommend time outs for children under three. Two year olds are very impulsive, and they're still figuring out cause and effect in terms of their impact on other people. Really the answer is to tell them what they should do, and catch 'em being good. [MUSIC]

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