Dealing With Whining

Dealing with a whining child doesn'€™t have to be stressful. Find out why your child is whining and the best ways to respond.


[MUSIC] For us parents, whining is extremely annoying, but kids don't always realize when they're doing it. They're feeling bad, they want to communicate, and this is the best way they know how. [CROSSTALK] If your child is whining, the first thing you want to do is why. So, you may want to keep a record over a few days to figure out what's happening before, during and after the whining. With young children it's often because they're tired, or they're hungry. So, your best response is to say to them do you need a snack, or let's have a little rest. Sometimes with older children they're whiny because they want something, and if that happens you don't have to argue, about their wanting. Is okay if they want. You can say oh, I can see why you like it. You can even give it to them in fantasy, and say wouldn't it be fun if we could buy all the toys in the store. Now, you wanna be careful not to let your child's whining wear you down, because if they whine, and they whine, and eventually you give in, what you're teaching them is to persist. To keep going, and eventually they'll get what they want. You may have to teach your child the difference between a pleasant voice, and whining. Sometimes, you can use stuffed animals, and act out one stuffed animal being whiny, and the other animals reacting negatively. Until the animal does it right. The best way to teach children about whining is to catch them in the moment. So you can say, that voice hurts my ears, tell me again in your pleasant voice, then be sure to respond promptly when she asks you nicely. [MUSIC]

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