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When we want our 6-year-old to open up to us, we give her a hairbrush to use as a microphone and interview her about her day.
- Molly; Glendale, MO

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To help our toddler give up his pacifier, we had him "plant" them in the garden. He was so excited when carrots sprouted in their place.
- Ingvild; Kasson, MN

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When my 5-year-old has a temper tantrum I hold up a mirror or take a picture so she can see what she looks like. When she looks at it, she immediately snaps out of it.
- Dana; Pownal, VT

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To keep my 2-year-old from running in the parking lot when we get out of the car, I ask him to keep both feet on the yellow parking line. He thinks it's a game.
- Stacey; Grand Rapids, MI

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To cut down my kids' screen time I made "TV tickets." Each kid gets 2 tickets a day worth half an hour each. After they've cashed them in, the TV goes off without a fight.
- Julyie; St. George, UT

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To help my 3-year-old feel responsible, I started an "earn it back" policy. When he loses a privilege he can earn it back by doing a chore or fixing his mistake.
- Jaime; Commerce Township, MO

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Once a week I put two of my three kids to bed and allow one of them to stay up an extra 15 minutes to chat. They love the one-on-one time.
- Connie; North Kingston, RI

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Instead of rewarding my 3-year-old with toys for good behavior, I take her to the bookstore. Now she's crazy about books.
- Stephanie; Forked River, NJ

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To help my kids wake up quicker, I write a special message on a chalkboard in the kitchen when they?re asleep. In the morning they're eager to wake up and read it.
- Kimberly; Cumming, GA

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M son learned to write his numbers by rewriting the date of each day in the boxes of a cheap calendar.
- Cathe and Ben; Dillon, CO

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My twins always argued about who got to "go first." Now I have them alternate the days that they get to make all the decisions. No more fighting!
- Brenda; Vancouver, WA

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I created a "buy back toy box" where I put any playthings that were not put away. The kids can earn them back by doing a chore or a good deed.
- Sherry; Bremerton, WA

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I give our son a map of our route to hold during long journeys. Each time we stop for gas or to use the bathroom, I mark the map with an X and he can keep track of how far we've traveled.
- Jen; Minneapolis, MN

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We replaced our newborn's regular bedroom light switch with a dimmer switch. Now that he's older, we dim the light at the start of his bedtime routine to signal that it's time to end the day.
- Nancy; Shawne, KS

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I cut the labels off food items we buy and glued them on to index cards. I make my list and give the matching cards to my son. Now we both check to make sure we buy everything.
- LaurieAnn; Hardin, MO

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