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Disciplining children is one of the hardest parts of parenting. From time outs to punishments, to yelling, and learning to say no, here you'll find tips and ideas to make discipline effective no matter your child's age.

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Jenny Mollen: 'I Stopped Making Empty Threats to My Kids and It Paid Off'
It’s easy to threaten our kids with consequences. It’s a lot harder to follow through. In an exclusive for Parents magazine, Jenny Mollen, actress, author, and wife to Jason Biggs, explains the day that all changed for her.
How to Discipline Your Kids—Without Destroying Their Self Esteem
You don’t want to punish your kids—you just want them to start behaving better. As a clinical psychologist and mother of four, I’d like to share the magic of “soft criticism.”
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids in the Moment—and What to Do Instead
If you erupt when your kids don't listen or when the play becomes wild, we get it. But here's how to stop your tirades once and for all—even when you really, really (really) want to yell.
4 Discipline Mistakes Pushover Parents Make
Even if you’re usually totally in control as a parent, don’t be surprised if you fall into one of these discipline traps some day.
This Ad Perfectly Captures What Real-Life Parenthood Is All About
This video gets to the heart of that big parenting truth: Every time you think you have parenting figured out, your kids throw a new challenge your way.
Mom's Powerful Post About Saying 'No' Will Change the Way You Think About This Word Forever
Emma Lou Harris nails how saying "no" can sometimes be far better for our kids than saying "yes."

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Can’t seem to get through to your child? It’s easier than you think to switch gears. Here are 10 things to avoid when doling out discipline.
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The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared her "green" parenting strategy with Jimmy Kimmel.

How To Stop Saying No

You're as tired of the word as your kids are of hearing it. Follow a parenting expert's strategies for getting kids to behave by saying "yes" more often. Then sit back and enjoy the positive results.