Temper Tantrums

Does your kid throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way? Don't worry. That's often how kids respond. It's quite normal. But temper tantrums can be really stressful and frustrating for parents too.If you find yourself trying to cope with angry outbursts, try these tips to prevent a meltdown.

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A Parent’s Guide to Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums can make you question your parenting technique, but they’re actually a normal part of toddlerhood. Read about the causes of toddler tantrums, and learn how to deal with the most common types of misbehavior.
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How to Handle Baby Temper Tantrums

Is your child having temper tantrums before turning one? Dr. William Sears shares advice for handling baby mood swings.
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How to Make a Glitter Jar—And Why Your Toddler Needs One

In the same way that adults meditate, a child can use this clever craft when she gets overwhelmed.
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Mom Shamed For Her Child's Tantrum Reminds Us to Choose Kindness Over Criticism

We all needed this viral post to remind us that one comment is all it takes to break someone down, while a single kind act can build us up.
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Even Royal Toddlers Have Meltdowns, as Princess Charlotte Proves

Think you're the only parent who has to deal with tantrums? Think again. New photos prove even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have the occasional parenting snag. 
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How This Dad and Granddad Handled Their Toddler's Public Tantrum Is #Goals

Justin Baldoni shared a snapshot of the moment he refused to be embarrassed by his daughter's temper tantrum on the floor of Whole Foods, along with a message for other parents.
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14 Temper Tantrum Tricks from Real Parents

We gathered advice from real parents on how they maneuver around their child's meltdowns. Whether you’re dealing with 2-, 3-, or 4-year-old tantrums, their tricks might work for you.
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Understanding Your 2-Year-Old's Mood Swings

Your child has a full range of emotions at his disposal by age 2. And sometimes it seems he can run through them all in the space of a minute.
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This Kids' Airport Tantrum Turned into a Full-Blown Disney Sing-along

One little girl's meltdown somehow led an entire airport waiting area to burst into song. Luckily, a fellow traveler live-tweeted the entire epic scenario.