How to Deal with 3 Super-Annoying Toddler Situations

Super Parent's best tips on how to handle the toughest toddler situations, like whining and full-blown meltdowns.


You can feel it now. That vein in the middle of your forehead is about to burst. Is it a panic attack? Are you trapped in an elevator? No, it's worse. You have a toddler on your hands. But that's okay. Super Parent is coming to the rescue. [MUSIC] First, whining. Even before you hear the words, you know what the tone means. I want a cookie. I'm tired. It's a whine fest. You knee jerk reaction is to tell you little whiner to stop. But that will only provoke him to take it up a notch. Why not try a little tact instead. Say I can't understand you when you whine like that. Tell me in your regular voice. If he gets the message, reward him when he asks for what he wants in his regular voice. [MUSIC] Second. Let's face it. You have the best toys. Sure bunny is great but he can't compete with the sleek screen and cool display on your iPhone. If your child wants to play with your toys but you need them for doing grown up stuff try a little misdirection. Give your kids something small and engaging to play with instead of your iPhone. Remember it's easier to switch the focus of a behavior than to stop it. Third, a full-on meltdown. You've been around your toddler long enough to catch the warning signs, the quivering lip, the hooded eyes, the breath holding. If you get the feeling that your kid is about to lose their [BLEEP], try using humor. Laughter is a great way to put a stop to the problem before it begins. With these super powers in place, You are ready to tackle even the most frustrating toddler situations. Go get them.

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