Handwriting: Practicing with Play-Doh

A fun exercise to help your child strengthen her hand muscles and learn how to form letters.


-When working with preschool age children, I focused on teaching through hands on experiences rather than formal hand writing instruction just as you're willing to teach a child who can balance on 1 foot, to hop. You can teach him to write if he hasn't developed pre writing skills. Once fun activity to try at home is working with play-doh, which is a great school for strengthening the muscles of the hands needed for hand writing and forming letters. Let's say, want to teach the formation of the capital letter E. I start by making 4 play-doh logs, one big line and 3 little lines. First, I take the big line and say, always start at the top, big line down, little line across at the top, little line across in the middle and little line across at the bottom. You can have your child create the letter out of play-do at the same time you're modelling it, so he imitates each step as you go or for a greater challenge, ask them to copy your model once it's completed.

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