Speech Delays

If your child is having problems talking, he may have a speech delay. Here you'll learn about speech delays, when you should worry, and how to find a great speech therapist.

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Language Delay and Gender

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Dr. Alan Greene on Speech Delay

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Not Talking Yet?

If you suspect your child has difficulties with speech, speak up. The key to treating language disorders is early intervention.

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Speech Problems in Children

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What Is Childhood Apraxia?

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Understanding Speech Delays

Our experts break down the facts on common speech delays in children.

Language Difficulties

Many toddlers are slow to talk or speak in garbled words. Here's how to handle some of these language challenges.

What Is Childhood Apraxia of Speech?

How to tell if your child has a speech delay or childhood apraxia of speech?

Delayed Language Development

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, What should parents do to help babies who aren't talking?