Readers offer up pacifier-weaning advice.

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Binky Fairy

When our daughter turned 2, we told her about the "Binky Fairy." That night we collected all her binkies, and the next morning she found a bag full of puzzles and books in their place. She was so excited and hasn't asked for her binky since!Traci, Milwaukie, Oregon

Helping Hand

I told my daughter that Elmo had a new baby and, sadly, they didn't sell binkies on Sesame Street. So we gathered up all her binkies, put them in a box, and took them to the post office. I handed over the package along with a note that said, "Just throw this away when we leave." Savannah never asked for her binky again -- and, even better, it was a lesson in helping others!Noelle, Fort Myers, Florida

Buried Treasure

My daughter, Lauren, and I gathered up all her binkies, except for one, and attached them to a bouquet of balloons. Then Lauren released the balloons and watched her binkies disappear into the night. The next day we took the one remaining pacifier to a Build-A-Bear Workshop, where Lauren created her very own Binky Bear -- with the pacifier stuffed inside!Jodi, Ira, Vermont

Vacation Hideaway

After returning home from a family trip, we told our 2-year-old son the sad news: we had "accidentally" left his pacifier behind. We called the hotel to see if they could find it, but of course we knew they wouldn't. He still tells people that he lost his binky on vacation, even though it's secretly buried in the back of my sock drawer.Jennifer, Holland, Ohio

Calling It Quits

When my daughter, Naomi, was 6 months old, we decided to go cold turkey -- no more binky. The first night was terrible; she finally fell asleep after an hour of crying, only to wake up again at 4 a.m. in tears. Naps were tough, too, but the crying lasted only a few minutes. Naomi is now 8 months old, and she's just as happy without a pacifier as she ever was with one.Trisha, Murphysboro, Illinois

Cut Down to Size

My pediatrician suggested I gradually cut off the tip of my daughter's pacifier. I snipped a little bit from the end every few days, and after a week or two, all of the suction was gone. My doctor was right! My daughter hasn't asked for her binky since.Kristin, West Chester, Ohio

Originally published in American Baby magazine, March 2007.

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