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Is your toddler's social development up to snuff? Learn how to improve your child's social development by organizing playdates, teaching him how to share, and more. Plus tips for helping shy kids too.

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Social Emotional Learning is Essential for Child Development—Here’s How to Teach It at Home
Social emotional learning (SEL) teaches important life skills like managing emotions, building relationships, and making decisions. Learn about the benefits of SEL and how to incorporate it into your child’s everyday life.
36 Questions to Ask Toddlers to Get Them Talking
Learn about your little one and deepen your connection with fun conversations by asking these silly, insightful, and thoughtful questions.
14 Ways to Build Your Child's Social Skills From Home
While replicating social skills learning without the help of classmates and peers may seem tricky, these easy activities focused on listening, interacting, and storytelling will keep your kids socially engaged all day long even at home.
Seeing My Postpartum Body Through My Toddler's Eyes Boosted My Self-Esteem
My 2-year-old daughter's innocent, healthy self-image helped me re-adjust the way I think about myself all because of one endearing gesture. 
I Hate Playdates, Here's Why I Set Them Up Anyway
Playdates can definitely suck. From making small talk with other moms to obsessing about germs, I'm not the only mama who dreads these seemingly-mandatory social interactions. Still, is it wise to avoid playdates all together? Experts weigh in.
Boys vs. Girls: How to Tailor Your Parenting Techniques
They interpret what you say—as well as your tone, volume, and body language—very differently. Here are my favorite psychologist strategies for encouraging any child to listen and open up. 

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4 Ways to Comfort Your Child Without Words
When your kid is sad, lonely, or discouraged, you’ll search for exactly the right thing to say. Sometimes, a gesture like warming him up (literally!) is the best way to make him feel loved and protected.
Your Toddler's Possessive Phase, Explained
This possessive phase may be challenging, but it can give you insight into your toddler’s growing mind.

8 Things I Won't Miss About the Toddler Years

There are many great things about parenting a toddler, but to be honest, I'm not really cherishing all the moments. Here are the things I'll miss the least.