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Is your toddler's social development up to snuff? Learn how to improve your child's social development by organizing playdates, teaching him how to share, and more. Plus tips for helping shy kids too.

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Ever since your kids were newborns, you’ve been shouldering laundry duty. But guess what? Even little ones can help—and it’s actually good for them. Here’s how to spin this starter chore while keeping it fun.

How to Help Kids Deal with Disappointment

So much of life is about looking forward to things, and a change of plans can hit children especially hard. But kids actually benefit from feeling disappointed, especially when you teach them how to bounce back.

36 Questions to Ask Toddlers to Get Them Talking

Learn about your little one and deepen your connection with fun conversations by asking these silly, insightful, and thoughtful questions.

14 Ways to Build Your Child's Social Skills From Home

While replicating social skills learning without the help of classmates and peers may seem tricky, these easy activities focused on listening, interacting, and storytelling will keep your kids socially engaged all day long even at home.

Surviving Your Kid's Wacky Phases

If your child suddenly seems bossy, babyish, or diva-esque, don't freak out—there are reasons behind all these personality quirks.

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