Manners & Responsibility: Getting Your Child to Listen

Are your kids ignoring you? Our video has the best tips to get them to listen.


-Another important skill set to teach at home is how to listen-- whether it be listening to you or to others, it's one of life's most critical lessons. How is your day, JB? -Well, I went to school, and then I-- -Did it seem like I was paying attention to you? How did that make you feel? -Not really good. -It didn't make you feel very good? Okay. So, there are some really important parts of listening that you wanna use everyday when you're listening to people. So, we have good body language. Can you show me good body language? Okay. Eye contact. So, make sure that you can make eye contact. And the last thing is you can nod your head if someone is talking, or you can ask questions while they're talking. So, what's a question that you could ask me to start a conversation? -How was your day? -Perfect. Oh, thanks for asking, JB. My day is going pretty well. I've started the day at home with my baby, and then, I came to work. -How old is your baby? -My baby is 18 months old. JB, that made me feel so good that you asked me that question 'cause it really feels like you're paying attention to what I say.

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