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Is your child's language development on track? Find out how many words your toddler should have in her vocabulary, learn about language delays, and see if your child may need speech therapy.

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5 Tips on Confidently Raising a Bilingual Kid in a Non-Spanish Speaking Community
It's 2020, but that doesn't mean everyone is accepting of those who prefer to speak another language over English. These tips will help you raise a bilingual kid with confidence even if you live in a majority English-speaking area.
I Feel Nervous That My Spanish Isn't Good Enough to Speak to My Baby, But Here's Why I'm Getting Over That
I never imagined how difficult it would be to raise a bilingual son and teach him to learn Spanish as I did growing up. But I've learned there are other ways to raise a proud bicultural kid.
10 Ways to Boost Your Bilingual Child's Spanish Skills at Home
Engage little language learners with these bilingual movies, audiobooks, sing-alongs, and shows worth streaming, plus tips from real moms on how they're teaching their kids Spanish.
Single Mom Creates Line of Bilingual Teddy Bears to Help Kids Learn a New Language
"I know that the most impactful tool that a child can have is through communication," Dr. Tameka Maiden says of her line, Cubby Love Bears.

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5 Myths About Growing up Bilingual
Experts debunk common misconceptions and offer their best tips to set your child up for success en español.
Navigating a Childhood Apraxia of Speech Diagnosis
Meghan O'Malley thought her son had a typical speech delay. She shares her experience helping her son learn to talk after learning the truth behind his motor speech disorder.
Here's a Major Reason to Encourage Your Preschooler to Nap

Nap time isn't just a break for parents. A new study finds sleep offers important advantages for preschoolers' development.