Q: Hello, I have a 20mo old son who has always been a milestone hitter. When he turned 12mos, he started saying his first words (3 or 4 of them). But when he turned 16 mos (or around there) he stopped and now he hardly ever says or tries to say words. He'll grab me and take me to wherever his need is. Should I be worried?

A: Hello Mom,

Thanks for your question. I can feel your concern for your child, and so my recommendation is simple. Any time you worry about your child and feel deep down that something else could be going on, then why wait? Set up an appointment immediately with your pediatrician. When you go to any medical professional bring notes! Chart how long the behavior has been going on. When did it start? What might have triggered it? Does he speak to anyone else? Those are the questions the doctor will want to know. While it is normal for kids to regress in a milestone, your chid's language regression appears to be going on for four months. My rule is anytime a problem lasts TOO long or starts to affect TOO many other areas of a child's life (his relationship with you, cognitive development, friendships, etc) and your own worries are TOO great, it's time to seek professional help. You'll be able to rest easier knowing if there is or isn't a problem and if there is an issue, now is the time to intervene.

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