Intellectual Development

Your toddler is likely asking a lot of questions. Her cognitive development is exploding. From brain-boosting games to language-building tricks, here you'll learn everything about your child's intellectual development.

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4 Big Emotions to Talk About With Little Kids

The different ways your child behaves actually stems from a list of four complex emotions. Here’s how explain them to your child in a way they’ll understand so they can learn to manage them.
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5 Ways to Make Tough Conversations with Kids Easier

Whatever the topic, these suggestions from experts will make your big talk go more smoothly.
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How to Tell Kids About Cancer

When tough stuff happens, it’s important to talk about it together. Here’s how one mom told her kids about her cancer diagnosis.
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How to Tell Kids You're Moving

One mom shares how she told her two children they'd be moving and got over her fears of uprooting her family.
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20 Books That Encourage Empathy

Looking for books to help build emotional intelligence in your child? Check out our age-by-age guide—and head to your local library for these classics.
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10 Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development

Encourage cognitive and language development with these fun, everyday learning activities.
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Why Art and Creativity Are Important

Want your child to get the most out of making art? Let her create in her own way at her own pace.
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New Study Says You Shouldn't Call Your Kids Smart. What?!?

Are we damaging our kids by telling them they are smart? A new study says yes!