Q: My son is almost 2 years old and I still breastfeed him. I already tried in many ways to get him off from breastfeeding but have fail every time. Can anyone give me an advice on how I can get him off? I feel like he's still a newborn because he stills gets up in the night looking for my breast... Someone please help me :)

A: Breastfeeding is a team effort. It is fine for one member of the team to decide it is time to stop. If that is you, then you have to stick to your decision and not provide an inconsistent message to your child. He is perfectly capable at age 2 to sleep through the night without needing to eat or to suckle to relax--if that is something you WANT to continue, that's fine, but it is not necessary. Again, you have to be the one to just say no. If you are co-sleeping, that is obviously harder, but you can ignore him or just say no. You are the one in control, here.

Answered by Dr. Ari Brown



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