Your toddler may exhibit signs of fear, shyness, and separation anxiety. Here you'll learn how to manage the classic \\\"Mommy don't leave\\\" symptoms, help your toddler overcome fear, make things less scary, and more.

Ways to Boost Your Toddler's Confidence

Is your little one on the shy side? These tips will show you how to break her out of her shell.

7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child

Give your child the skills to rebound from setbacks and pave the way to success.

Top 10 Toddler Fears

Toddlers exhibit many fears, and it can be tough to know how to reassure them of their safety. We talked to Dr. Ayelet Talmi, associate director of child development and infant health at The Children's Hospital in Denver, about the most common toddler fears and what you can do to help your child through his insecurities. Plus, she has tips on raising a child capable of managing fear.

What Kids Are Scared of -- and Why

An age-by-age guide to what causes childhood fears and worries.

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Is Your Toddler Stressed?

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9 Secrets of Confident Kids

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5 Ways to Stop the Fears

Your kid's busy mind may be coming up with new reasons to be afraid. Try these tips to defuse scary situations.

Monsters Under the Bed: Understanding Kid Fears

Many of kids' fears seem mystifying or irrational, but to them the world is full of threats. Most fears fade as kids develop, but if your child's fear persist and totally preoccupy him, he'll need your help to overcome them. We've got the top soothing strategies for his biggest fears--real and imaginary.

Sleep Makeovers for Toddlers

Developmental changes, teething, separation anxiety, and fear of the dark can create bedtime problems for your two-year-old. Knowing how to respond can keep your nightmares to a minimum.

7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Santa

If your tot is scared of Santa, don't worry -- read expert advice on how to help little ones be more at ease with jolly old Saint Nick.

Teach Your Kid Confidence -- from Birth

Every parent wants to raise a confident child who tackles challenges with gusto, and tries new things even if it means risking failure. While these qualities don't come automatically, parents lay the groundwork for a can-do attitude in a child's first few months and years. "Some of our kids come out as tumbleweeds and some of them come out like African violets, but from day one we love them for who they are," says child development expert Michele Borba, EdD, author of Esteem Builders. "Unconditional love and acceptance are the roots of self-esteem."

Help Your Child Feel Safe From His Biggest Fears

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New Feelings of Independence

Your child is beginning to gain more confidence in her ability to manage on her own. But don't be surprised if her newfound independence occasionally wavers and she runs back to you for reassurance.

The Age-by-Age Guide to Kid Fears

Fears through the years: Manage the most common childhood frights, from strangers to dark nights.