Q. My 3-year-old wants to wear the same outfit every day. She has a fit if I try to make her change. Should I just force her?

By Sally Lee
October 05, 2005

A. No. This is probably just a phase that will pass in a few weeks. Save your energy for bigger battles, and remind yourself that having a child with a mind of her own is a good thing. "There's nothing wrong with wearing the same thing over and over, as long as it's clean," says Dori Winchell, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Encinitas, California. Of course, you don't want to be stuck doing laundry at the crack of dawn. Make a rule that if her outfit is dirty, your daughter has to pick out something else. (Find a calm time—not when she's getting dressed in the morning—to break the news.) Have her decide on her outfit the evening before; the excitement of choosing will help distract her if her favorite getup is in the hamper. "Toddlers' lives are chaotic," Dr. Winchell says. "If a certain outfit gives them stability and security, there's no harm in that."

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