Learn about behaviors, first friends, language, manners, delays, and more with these developmental touchstones. Our month-by-month guide prepares you every step of the way.

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    Bye-Bye Binky: Ending the Pacifier Habit

    It's your child's first love, and the breakup can be tough. Survive the pacifier weaning stage with these tried-and-true tactics.

    Mom's Viral Message: My Child Is Not Required to Share With Yours

    For this mama, it's about teaching her son to have boundaries, not to share with everyone he meets. Do you agree or disagree?

    4 Things You Should Know About Gender Stereotypes in Kids' Toys

    The importance of gender-neutral toys for boys and girls goes beyond just being politically correct.

    3-Year-Old Birthday Gift Ideas

    Your child's turning 3! Discover the best types of birthday presents to buy your 3-year-old.

    The Return of Respect!

    Oh, baby, it's a rude world -- which is why it's more important than ever that we teach our kids this classic value.

    10 Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development

    Encourage cognitive and language development with these fun, everyday learning activities.

    Ways to Boost Your Toddler's Confidence

    Is your little one on the shy side? These tips will show you how to break her out of her shell.

    Handwriting: Starter Tips

    Advice to help your child learn to recognize letters and write them properly.

    How Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

    Whether you're firstborn, middle child, last-born, or only child, birth order can have a big effect on your personality and behavior.

    Quiz: Are You Raising a Spoiled Brat?

    No one wants to raise a spoiled brat. But how do you know if you are? Take our quiz and find out if your little one is a terror-in-the-making.

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    Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Toddler?

    A national survey shows most parents believe their toddlers have the capacity for more control of their emotions than is developmentally possible at their age.

    8 Toddler Learning Activities

    Try these inventive ways to teach ABCs, 123s, and other basics.

    Common Time-Out Mistakes and How to Solve Them

    Could this classic discipline technique actually make the situation worse? Learn what experts recommend, including a new and improved five-step technique for giving time-outs.

    Simple Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

    Dos and don'ts for raising a confident kid.

    The Cheating Child

    Why so many kids cheat, and how to help them stop.

    9 Secrets of Confident Kids

    Here are the most effective ways to help your child become happy, self-assured, and successful.

    Your Growing 3-Year-Old

    Your toddler is 3 and ready for more independence. Take a look at what this exciting year will bring and how to prepare for what's next.

    Write On! Teaching Preschoolers to Write

    Your child probably knows how to say his ABCs. Now it's time to for him to put them down on paper.

    Science Explains Why Toddlers Don't Care About You or Anyone Else

    Unfortunately, kids' ability to give a fig about anyone except themselves doesn't develop until a little later than we'd like.

    25 Most Common Words a 2-Year-Old Says

    Research has listed the 25 most common words that toddlers master. It suggests if your two-year-old isn't saying at least 25 words, at a minimum, you might want to seek out an evaluation by a doctor.

    Manners & Responsibility: Chores Kids Can (and Should) Do

    Can't get your kids to pitch in around the house? Find out how to get them involved with chores.

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