Are you considering a daycare? Will you need part-time help or full-time placement? Learn the ins and outs of both in-home daycare and larger daycare centers, the pros and cons of each, and how to prepare your little one for this time away from home.

Mom Speaks Out After Being Asked to Breastfeed Her Twins in a Private Room at Their Daycare

"[I] believe this was a learning opportunity for them and teaching opportunity for me," Jennifer Mancuso says of the staff at her twins' daycare.
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Day Care's Note to Parents to 'Get off Your Phones!!' Goes Viral

This day care center wants parents to show their children how important they are by stowing away their phones at pickup time.
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School Anxiety in Children: Causes, Signs, and What to Do

For children who don’t like separation, the daily drop-off can be challenging. Follow these tips for easing school anxiety in daycare, preschool, and the elementary years.
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Get Ready for Day Care

Is your 1-year-old ready to leave home? Here's how to find the right place at the right time.
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Why Do Moms Have to Go Back to Work Before They're Ready?

A tragedy sheds light on the need for better family-leave policies.