Here's what you need to know about choosing a babysitter, including how to find a sitter that fits, and how to ready the kids for your time away.

You Won't Believe How Much the Average U.S. Parent Is Paying for a Babysitter

UrbanSitter's new 2017 survey reveals some interesting stats about how much parents across the country are paying for in-home child care.

Babysitter Basics

In-home care, in which your child's caretaker comes to your home, is in many ways the most convenient for parents. In-home sitters range from trained nannies to au pairs.

This Bachelor Parody Is the Babysitter Reality Show We Didn't Know We Needed

If you feel like finding the perfect babysitter rivals the most dramatic dating show ever, you're not alone.

Moms Confess: I Love My Babysitter Except When She...

The What's Up Moms love their babysitters, except when... they don't. Do you recognize any of these annoying babysitter behaviors?

Child Care: How to Find Quality Child Care

Need to go back to work after maternity leave? Here's how to find the best child care for your baby or toddler.

Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Day Care Center

Ready to choose a day care center? Watch for tips to help you choose the best one.

Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Nanny

Ready to choose a nanny? Learn how to select the perfect babysitter for your child.

Child Care: How to Find a Family Day Care Center

Looking for a family day care center? Learn how to choose the best family day care center for your baby.

Babysitter Blues: How to Fix Bad Sitter Behavior

Does your babysitter show up late? Spoil your kids? Snoop around? How should you respond to a babysitter's bad behavior? It depends on the severity of the offense -- and whether you plan to use her in the future. Our guide will help you set her straight -- or decide whether to cut her loose.

Would You Hire a Teenage Boy as Your Babysitter?

When friends told one mom it was "dangerous" to hire a male babysitter, she took to Reddit to ask for a second opinion.

10 Texts You Never Want to Get From Your Babysitter

You can only hope your babysitter never sends you one of these text messages. Cryptic, chaotic or careless, these texts would be clear signs things are going a little haywire with the sitter.

This Model Mom Spends EVERY Weekend Kid-Free: Greedy or Genius?

The Internet weighs in on Rachael Finch's parenting approach.

Reporting a Bad Babysitter

Expert advice for a mom who wants to know if she should report questionable behavior of another mom's babysitter.

Should Abuela Be Your Babysitter?

She loves your kids as her own and will do anything for you, but is Grandma the right person to be your babysitter?

Can't Get a Babysitter for December 10? Here's Why

A new survey has uncovered some interesting data about babysitters and pet-sitters around the holidays.

Got Kids. Need Sitter.

How to find a babysitter you'd trust with your child, any night of the week.

8 Totally Awkward Babysitter Encounters

Babysitters are lifesavers (literally!) but sometimes, things get messy. Our editors share the awkward and embarrassing moments they've had with their sitters.