Creative Ideas for Shared Spaces

From Dark to Decorated
Make sharing a room fun with these creative decorating tips.

Girl Time

This space for two sisters takes advantage of vaulted ceilings. A lofted bed serves as a cozy sleeping space, while the area underneath is another cozy nook. The second bed is placed on a platform with roomy storage drawers tucked underneath.

Bunking Up

In a shared room with ample space, loft two beds to give each kid his own territory. The top provides space for sleeping, and under the bed, kids can have a designated spot for their stuff.

Girls Only

For a trio of princesses, this bedroom has all features any girl would delight in--from the fanciful pillows to the table set for tea to ribbon-adorned window shades. For a unique twist, veto pink and play up purple instead.

All Fun & Games

Once a plain, narrow room, this space is now infused with fun and it's ready for playtime. Narrow boards were nailed to the wall to create a grid for storing toys. Boxes fit within the grid system and are used to for storage. Toy bins on casters easily move around the room for roaming play.

Color Compromise

She likes green, but her sister loves pink. Rather than draw straws, incorporate each kid's favorite colors into one cohesive color scheme. In this space shared by sisters, celery green matches up with soft pink and sky blue hues for a pretty, peaceful room.

Space Saver

Bunk beds are great for maximizing space in a small room. But the novelty of the top bunk can often set arguments into motion. Set a rotating schedule for who gets the top bunk, switching beds every week or two. Prevent falls by installing a guardrail on the top bunk, and ensure your kids can safely climb up to the top on their own.

Age Range

When a big kid and a little kid share a room, set their sleeping quarters apart by using different bed sizes. The bigger one can comfortably stretch out in a double bed and the twin is a good fit for a smaller kid. Placing the double bed underneath a lofted bed is a space-saving trick for creating a comfortable room.

Fun for Everyone

Customize a play area with furniture suitable for children. Miniature armchairs are cozy for kids -- and stuffed animals. Use storage cabinets and shelving that are a kid-friendly height. Designate the upper shelves for older kids. Their toys will be accessible to them, yet kept out of reach of a younger sibling.

Soccer Sisters

A common love of soccer sets the theme for this room shared by two girls. The athletic theme is paired with fresh, feminine colors such as pink and mint green. An adjoining space serves as a study hall but stays separate from the sleeping quarters.

Creativity at Work

Nurture your little artists with a space that fosters creativity and fun. Separate work areas give kids space to spread out their paints and crayons. A chalkboard wall adds a unique element to this room. Look for special chalkboard paint at a home improvement store. Follow the directions, get some colorful chalk, and let your kids go to town.

Animals Abound

For nature-loving kids, an animal-theme room is a surefire winner. Include some nonanimal features, such as a colorful bedspread and fun sheets. That way, when the animal phase has passed, you'll still have some items that can be used in a redecorated room.

Bands of Black

For tween boys, black accents are perfect for creating a grown-up look. Here, light-hue walls and flooring balance out the strong doses of black on the curtains, bedspreads, and headboards.

Colorful Choices

Banish boring white walls with a creative paint treatment. Stripes from the pillows and window shades are echoed in a fun wall treatment. Pick your colors, mark off horizontal stripes with painter's tape, and start painting!

Sweetly Sleeping

This room goes vintage in a space designed for two young girls. Dark-stained floors and beaded-board walls are odes to old-fashioned, while bright colors keep the look fun and new. An old dresser gets a fresh update with a coat of pink paint.

A Space Divided

For large rooms, create a wall to divide the space and mark out zones for sleeping, studying, or hanging out. Think beyond simple drywall when designing your room divider. Here, frosted glass gives the room an urban architectural vibe.

For Me & You

Curb squabbles over what belongs to who by giving each kid his own designated storage spots in a shared room. Here, each boy has a toy box at the end of his bed, specifically allocated for his own toys. Use the same designation technique to split up closet real estate.

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