Kids' Room Makeovers

Kids' bedroom design is all about modern right now. Get by inspired these cool, uncluttered spaces that their children love.

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Modern Design

Lilah's bedroom
Lenora Gim

Our home editor, Susan Leaderman, knew just what she wanted when she redecorated her 3-year-old daughter Lilah's bedroom: mod white furniture and a fresh take on the classic pink theme (translation: nothing frilly or cutesy). The result is a comfy space that Lilah adores -- and one that will grow with her as she gets older.

Sleek Chic

Two low dressers placed side by side run the width of the room and hold Lilah's clothes and toys; Wilma lamp, Sparrow shade from

Sitting Pretty

No need for a fussy painted chair -- this simple kid-size lounger is a cushy place to read stories (and the slipcover is washable). Karlstad chair.

Beddy Buy

Instead of a twin bed, Susan chose a versatile full-size platform bed upholstered in neutral, easy-to-clean microsuede. Ella bed.

Pillow Talk

Lilah gets a kick out of her colorful mix-and-match bedding. Pink duvet and pillowcase; All other bedding;

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Storage Genius

storage genius
Lenora Gim

Space was the big challenge when architects Jill and John Bouratoglou designed a bedroom for their 3-year-old son, Julian. The room is just 11 feet square, and it also had to double as a playroom, so they wanted to use every inch. They came up with innovative built-in storage solutions and made the space appear longer by painting the side walls blue and the end walls white. The result is an organized, modern room that doesn't cramp Julian's style.

Crafty Cabinet

John and Jill made the built-in storage unit out of inexpensive prefab kitchen cabinets and a countertop they bought at Ikea. They attached stainless-steel legs to raise it off the floor. Bonus: Julian and his brother, Max, use it as a stage for their air-guitar concerts. Mini pouf; Print on wall; Cirque ceiling fan;

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boys bedroom
Lenora Gim

Sleep Tight

Jill couldn't find a bed she liked, so she designed and built one herself, using plywood. The cutout circles on the headboard are backed with orange construction paper; Julian likes to change the colors regularly. Pillows from

Hang Around

Graphic kids' paintings over the bed really pop against the blue walls.

Toy Boxes

Underneath the bed, repurposed cardboard file boxes hold Julian's toys and trains, which he slides over to the nearby train table when he plays.

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Side Order

side order
Lenora Gim

Groovy bedside tables keep Lilah's favorite books handy. The rounded edges are a nice safety feature for an active preschooler. Pod ottoman; Curve lamp;

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Wall Good

wall good
Lenora Gim

Lime-green wallpaper on opposite walls makes the room look bigger -- and keeps the pink paint from overwhelming the space. Bella Pink paint, Waverly fabric custom valance;

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Shelf Expression

shelf expression
Lenora Gim

High shelving arranged with toys creates a three-dimensional border that's way more interesting than a standard wallpaper one. A set of frameless bird canvases by Jennifer Kiraly hangs in a neat row underneath.

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Enter Here

enter here
Lenora Gim

Even Julian's tiny entryway has a dual use: The Bouratoglous lined it with shallow shelves that hold toys and books.

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Clever Closet

clever closet
Lenora Gim

The small closet does big work: The left side has shelves and bars for Julian's clothes, and on the right is a built-in art desk topped with shelves for his books, games, and puzzles. A clear shoe organizer inside the door holds his action figures and trinkets. Elfa closet system;

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