Cute Rooms for Boys

Create a bedroom full of boyhood spirit and fun with these decorating ideas.

Old-School Charm

Muted colors are trendy staples for kids' rooms. Give your guy something a little vintage by using softer shades with brown undertones, such as mossy greens and rusty reds. Pages from antique boys' magazines are framed as artwork to keep with the vintage look. This room is kept kid-friendly with fun fabrics, such as those used for the Roman shades and pillows, and plenty of toys.

Just for Boys

Shades of blue pair with green to create an amphibian-theme room, perfect for the boy who is forever catching frogs and turtles, and asking, "Can we keep him?" A wall mural evokes a by-the-pond look, and durable cotton bedspreads and pillowcases will stand up to rough boy antics. Consider using built-in shutter shades on windows rather than bulky curtains.

Kids' Rooms Etc.
Kids' Rooms Etc.

Like a Kid in a Toy Store

Why invest in knickknacks to develop a theme when toys can be your decorating accents? Fill shelving units or built-ins with toys, games, and books. Favorite trains and cars become artwork when displayed on shelves. Look for baskets or bins that match your color scheme to corral building blocks and smaller toys. Place them along the shelves or under the bed for organization and pops of color.

Potential for Change

Tan and beige walls pair well with red accents. But, when a shake-up is needed, the red cushions and curtains can easily be switched out with green, blue, or any combination of hues. The neutral walls, cabinets, and furniture can stay put, even if a brand-new color is ushered in. The subtle stripes on the walls keep the neutral background far from boring.

Blast Off!

For your young astronaut, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating. Spaceships, planets, and little green men make their mark on pillows, artwork, and more. Keep some of your accents nonthemed, such as solid-color pillows, so the theme can easily be updated as your boy's taste changes.

He Shoots, He Scores

Let him practice his game off the court with a wall-mount basketball hoop. Don't forget to stock up on foam balls for indoor shooting drills. For his studious side, a large desk is perfect for doing homework--or pouring over a playbook.

To the Point

String an easy-to-make pennant banner around the room as an alternative to wall paper borders. Simply cut pieces of felt into triangles, hot-glue to a length of rope or ribbon, and tack along the wall. Consider embellishing the pennant triangles with letters, numbers, or fun graphics.

Kids' Rooms Etc.
Kids' Rooms Etc.

Space Planning

Situate a bed along a wall to provide ample playing space in the rest of the room. Then, fill the space underneath the bed with rolling bins to store toys while keeping them close at hand.

Set Sail

Take off on imaginary nautical adventures with a sailing-theme room. Start with basic blue walls and add in sea-worthy accents, such as sail footboards, striped bedding, red-and-white window treatments, and oceanic artwork.

Campout Indoors

Give your boys an opportunity to camp out at any time, no matter the weather. Start by setting up a small tent. Checked accents, a picnic table, furry creatures, and a log bed all contribute to the atmosphere. Pick up secondhand camping gear to be used on imaginary camping trips.

A Hero-Inspired Room

For a boy who admires firefighters, a room that pays tribute to his heroes is ideal. Use plenty of red accents. Here, a bed frame shaped like a fire engine is the focal point of this hero-inspired room. For a more budget-friendly option, hang an oversize image of a fire engine on the wall over the bed.

On Ice

Incorporate your boy's favorite sport as a room theme. Here, hockey is king. Hockey sticks are mounted for a wall sculpture and a hockey player is depicted on the wall as artwork. Consider using your boy's favorite team's colors as palette inspiration.

Classic Colors

For a color palette that will grow with your boy, use muted shades instead of bright primaries. Basic green, red, and blue are all-boy and age-appropriate for toddlers to teens. Let your boy pick out his favorite color to be used as the wall color so he can make a mark on his bedroom.

Framed & Displayed

Built-ins are often big and bulky. Not so with this one. Simple cubes are compact, yet functional, as they display prized trophies and sports memorabilia. Narrow shelves frame the contents, much like a shadow box. Track lighting illuminates the display. Create your own wall unit with do-it-yourself modular shelving kits, available at home improvement stores.

Get Buggy

For a boy fascinated by nature, a bedroom bedecked with frogs and bugs is a space he'd love to call his own. Neutral walls and window treatments build on the nature theme, while an outdoorsy bedspread and pillows add color and fun.

Gone Fishing

Cast your net and bait your hook for a fishing adventure. Fish make an appearance on pillows, artwork, and a playful mural. The weighty cherry furniture is balanced with cheerful colors. Hardwood floors are softened with a lake-blue area rug, providing a nice surface for playing.

Private Library

For boys who love to read, adequate book storage and good lighting are musts. Each bed has its own adjustable lamp and wall-mount bookrack close at hand, perfect for nighttime reading sessions.

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