This calf marks only the third successful greater one-horned rhino birth via artificial insemination.
Buffalo Zoo Rhino 1

By Kelli Bender

June 25, 2019

And you thought a 9-month pregnancy was rough!

According to the Buffalo Zoo, their greater one-horned rhino named Tashi recently gave birth to a 123.5 pound male calf after a 488-day pregnancy.

“The zoo animal care team report mom and baby are bonding and doing well. This birth is very special and important for the future of the species — this is only the third successful birth of a greater one-horned rhino via artificial insemination,” the zoo wrote on Facebook, along with a stunning shot of the new calf — who is still waiting for a name.

This is Tashi’s fourth calf and her second born via artificial insemination. A new rhino mom at Zoo Miami is the only other greater one-horned rhino to successfully give birth after artificial insemination, reports the Buffalo Zoo.

As one may guess after learning of Tashi’s pregnancy length, rhinos have one of the longest gestation periods out of all mammals.

Unfortunately, the greater one-horned rhino is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. This sad reality makes the birth of Tashi’s calf even more important.

Buffalo Zoo Rhino 2

“This birth via artificial insemination is a critically important to helping save species like the greater one-horned rhino,” the zoo added on Facebook.

Tashi and her calf will remain bonding behind the scenes at the Buffalo Zoo until keepers feel the pair are ready for their public debut.