Indoor Activities

If you're stuck inside with children, you'll love these indoor activities. Check out our collection of things your kid can make and do like homemade play dough, finger puppets, memory games, and more.

10 Books to Read By Kindergarten

Parents turned to Common Sense Media, which has reviewed thousands of books, for this list that will help get your kid ready for the Big Day.

Jewelry Kids Can Make

Help your kiddos make their own brooches, rings, and necklaces from wood, fabric, and other household materials. No precious gems required!

5 Fun Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Don't let rainy days spoil all the fun. If you can't go outside, use these creative ideas to bring the fun indoors instead.

This Dad Made an Incredible Homemade Busy Board for His Toddler

Let this dad's ingenious homemade toy serve as an inspiration for your own wallet-friendly kid creation.

11 Fun Activities for 1-Year-Olds

These indoor activities are designed to boost your 1-year-old's growing skills.

12 Fun Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Found: expert-recommended indoor activities that will enhance your 2-year-old's development.

6 Everyday Toddler Games

No toys needed! You can help your child stay happily entertained during your regular routine.

13 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Even tiny hands can make these adorable Halloween decorations--with supervision from Mom or Dad, of course.

5 Rainy Day Activities

Try these fun indoor games when bad weather hits.

5 Imaginative Play Kits for Kids

Hand your child one of these easy-to-assemble play kits, and she'll be in her own little world for hours.

Best Children's Books of 2015

Children's librarians and families agreed that out of the thousands of kids' titles released this year, these picks are the guaranteed page-turners. Let your friends in on the news.

8 Apps for Kids That Inspire Creativity

Technology can be used for much more than just zoning out! These fun apps for children help get those creative juices flowing.

Check Out GloZell's New Program for Your Preschooler--GloBugz!

Kids learn best when it's fun, and this new channel definitely fits the bill!

6 Specialty Museums Kids (and Grown-Ups!) Will Love

Specialty museums are passionate places curated by passionate people. Never content to just show you a bunch of cool stuff, they go deep, with mind-boggling expertise and contagious enthusiasm. Even if you're just a mildly curious family zipping through town, each of these spots is worth the trip.

7 Coding Toys for Little Kids

Coding isn't only for big kids, and the basics--like learning cause-and-effect and problem solving--don't have to be mastered on a computer. These fun picks will get your child thinking like a real programmer.

First Classes that Make the Grade

Programs for tots are wonderful learning opportunities -- if you know what to look for. Here, what to check out before you sign up.

Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Found: expert-recommended indoor activities that will enhance your 2-year-old's development.

Best Toys of 2017: Preschoolers

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Grown-Up Comedy Sketches for Kids

Silliness is serious business when you're a kid. So get ready to crack them up with these hilarious clips!