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Your child is growing up and on his way to becoming a preschooler. He's proving he has a mind of his own. Here you'll learn about toddler development, how to discipline a toddler, potty training, the terrible twos, and much more.

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6 Best Ways to Manage Your Child's Anger

Experts explain why young kids get physical when they're angry, how you can better understand the behavior, and offer up their best anger management tips for children.

We Sent Our Child To a Forest School During the Pandemic—And It Was Exactly What We Needed

We decided to send our 3-year-old to forest preschool so that working from home and taking care of his younger sibling would be easier during the pandemic. Here's why it was the best decision we could have made during such a difficult time.

The Family Guide to Gardening with Kids

Make your plans and plant seeds now and, come summer, you’ll have your pick of flowers and food. You’ll also cultivate some essential life skills: When kids tend to plants, they learn to care for the little things—and one another.

5 Expert Tips to Help Your Sensitive Child Navigate an Overwhelming World

There are many benefits to being a highly sensitive person. Here's how to help your child manage their deep feelings in ways that also teach them coping skills.

Social Emotional Learning is Essential for Child Development—Here’s How to Teach It at Home

Social emotional learning (SEL) teaches important life skills like managing emotions, building relationships, and making decisions. Learn about the benefits of SEL and how to incorporate it into your child’s everyday life.

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Kristen Bell Explains How She 'Lifted the Shame' Off Potty-Training Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Delta

"Both of them are going to, I assume, graduate high school and be able to function in the world and that will never be an issue," the Hello Bello founder tells us of her children.