TikTok Shows We’ll Always Remember When We Found Out Santa Isn’t Real

From siblings who can't help themselves to late-night trips downstairs gone wrong, TikTokers are proving that learning the truth about Santa is one they'll never forget.

Milk and cookies for Santa

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While the weather outside is chilly, the takes on how to celebrate Christmas (if you do) are hotter than a piping mug of hot chocolate. And the debate tends to center around Santa.

How to approach the "truth" about Santa has become a polarizing topic in recent years, particularly on social media. Parents are torn about what to say when kids ask, "Is Santa Claus real?" Is it lying to continue the Santa narrative? Is it taking away childhood magic if you don't?

Many parents wonder at what age kids stop believing in Santa—or what age they should stop believing. But should kids be allowed to believe in the jolly old elf at all? There are plenty of parents who don't do Santa for a number of reasons.

Though the answers and opinions can be definitive if not defensive by those who are asked, the real deal on handling the truth about Santa should be this: do what works for your family. You know your kids better than anyone else so give explanations that are appropriate for what your kid needs and wants. But let's be sure we're respecting others' beliefs while nurturing our own.

Back in our day, this conversation wasn't as loaded. But there came a time when we all learned the answer to the question, "Is Santa Claus real?" It came out many times in many ways and elicited different reactions. TikTokers have reflected on the moment of truth.

One user, @CamWilder, reenacted the incident, which came when he decided to sneak downstairs to get an early peek at his presents. The problem: He caught his dad—not Santa—red-handed putting the gifts under the tree. Mom was speechless, but the roach in the corner was like, "That's tuff." Dad told him to get back to his room, but it was too late.

Another TikToker, @keepdafaith, decided to playfully drag her sister, who apparently broke into tears upon learning Santa isn't real at 14.

It may seem like 14 years is a long time to believe in Santa. So, at what age do kids stop believing in Santa? There's no scientific evidence, and it appears to vary.

"I learned at age 8 or 9," said one commenter.

"I remember this feeling. [I learned] at 3 because big kids won't let you live," divulged another.

Older kids and siblings are the worst, right? Exhibit B: "My parents told me by accident, and then my sister whispered in my ear, 'Just to make it worse, neither is the Easter bunny,'" wrote someone else.

TikToker @anthonymderose used Family Guy to discuss how he learned the truth at age 9. Another user, @the_mannii, also found out at 9 from his siblings and demanded to know how they knew. "My life changed after this truth," he said.

Pushback is a common refrain. A TikToker who posts as @carolynneegan318 recalled conversations on the topic at the lunch table in second grade. But seriously, how can Santa not be real if you saw him at the mall?

And another, @unclepaige, shared his parents let him in on the truth about Santa from the get-go—before it was trendy. However, they did tell him the Grinch was real.

"Me and my sisters would be downstairs sleeping on the couch with one eye open, just waiting for the Grinch to come steal Christmas," he said.

Here's hoping he got a Cindy Lou Who sighting instead.

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