TikToker's Gentle Parenting Hack To Stop a Tantrum Is Genius

This Nashville mom tells Parents how she handles toddler tantrums and explains her viral TikTok video that's gained over 15 million views.

As a mom of three with truly limited experience in parenting (my oldest is only 8) the toddler phase for me always feels like one of the harder stages of parenting. Our children are limited in the ways they're able to communicate, they're needy, and patience is a foreign concept to them. Parenting is not easy at any stage, but I know many parents who would agree that toddlers make us work for it!

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With access to much more resources for gentle and conscious parenting, this generation of parents seems more determined than ever to shape a new way of raising kids. So when videos like 26 year old Alivia's go viral, we love to see it.

The video, which has amassed over 4.5 million likes and 15 million views on TikTok and stitched with multiple users, reads: "POV: This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of a meltdown…zoomies!"

"I was warming up some leftovers in the microwave and it needed a little more time to get warm," Alivia told Parents. "Well baby girl was ready to eat and was not too happy that I needed to put it back in the microwave. Instant meltdown!" What the mom shows on TikTok is what seemingly happens immediately after the food is put back in the microwave.

In the video mom can be shown running around the kitchen. You can see her adorable baby girl's mood shift and she begins laughing instead of crying. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a toddler tantrum then you can certainly appreciate how mom handles the tantrum while also knowing it's not always easy to go the "conscious parenting" route.

A good portion of the reaction's to Alivia's video have come from parents who can totally relate.

One commenter wrote, "I Absolutely love it. I've learned to totally distract them with love and a safe environment instead of instantly running to frustration. We got this!!"

For some, the video spoke to their inner child. "I grew up being yelled at or scolded. So I choose to sit and talk with the child instead. I don't want another me." The overwhelming majority would agree that, while not always easy, taking the extra minute to consider how to handle the situation pays off in the long run.

"I started learning about gentle parenting when I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to be a more conscious parent but I didn't know where to start," Alivia shares. "I watched endless videos on YouTube about the topic and I just saved the videos for when I needed them."

With access to conscious parenting techniques becoming more widespread thanks to social media, many are using the approach to become less reactive and more mindful in their parenting style.

"I don't always get it right, but I try to remember she's only 1," the mom says. "And I think [about] what would I have wanted my mom to do in this situation."

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