The Funniest and Most Relatable TikTok Moms

Get ready to LOL because these awesome MomTokkers nail what parenting life is really like.

Elyse Myers at an event in 2022

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Pssst...Wanna know a secret? The best place for moms to let out their frustrations, get real and find their tribe isn't the park. It's not even your local "mommy and me" group. Nope, if you want to find your people, TikTok is the place to be. #MomTok, specifically. It's where moms are sharing the realities of raising kids with videos that show just how messy and utterly hilarious motherhood can be.

Here are nine of our favorite TikTok moms you need to follow—they're guaranteed to make you feel seen while you LOL!

Elyse Myers

Comedian Elyse Myers (@elysemyers), mom to a toddler and expecting baby number two, is SO funny because everything she observes and comments on is honest (fitting that her podcast is called Funny 'Cuz It's True). She pops on TikTok to comment on everything parents are already thinking—but with a deadpan delivery fans can't get enough of. She goes there with sensitive topics, like the utter hell of getting weighed at the doctor's office while pregnant to those awkward moments with toddlers that only other parents will find LOL-worthy. (Be sure to check out what happened during a recent pizza delivery.) One of our favorites: Elyse's truly genius hack for maternity pants! 

Claire Stevenson

What makes Claire Stevenson (@claireastev), a 25-year-old stay-at-home mom, a must-watch? It's like she's a mind reader, posting the very things parents are thinking in the most hilarious way. From "crying" (with mascara running down her face and all) because seeing a group of young girls living their best life makes her miss pre-motherhood "freedom," to telling her partner what she really wants for Mother's Day—she just gets it. For the record: diamonds and designer handbags are out of the question. For Mother's Day, she's asking for just a day to not take care of anyone who has "come in or out of my vagina!"


For Izzy (@thatbitch.333), the struggles in all her hilarious Tik Tok videos are real. You know the ones, like having a little one that needs to be held all the time and you can't do anything—not even pee—in peace (or solo)! Some of her funniest videos include the all too real moment when you promise your husband "sexy time" and he aims to follow through to what it's like waking up with a sleeping baby that doesn't understand the meaning of personal space!


Have you ever had little things, like, say, giving your child a bath, turn into the biggest deals? Or how about waking up in a "mood," praying that your kids won't push your buttons—yet that's always the day they know exactly how to push your buttons—times a million? Well, Maverickmother has been there too, and parents love that she always has the perfect song, movie clip, or quote to dub into a video that sums up life with our little drama kings and queens!

Laura Elizabeth Graham

Kids are pure comedy—even when they genuinely don't mean to be funny or when they don't realize that they're part of the punchline! It's why parents love the MomTok videos that Laura Elizabeth Graham (@lauraelizabethgraham) makes with her toddler. Because we've all been there. From playing a fart noise just to see your child's reaction (which of course is always hilarious) to the joys of using a bathroom after a potty-training toddler has invaded the toilet paper roll—we're all guilty of laughing at our child's expense!

The Chavez Family

The Chavez Family (@thechavezfamilyy) is made up of Maddi, her husband Josh, and their four kids. They make videos guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You're sure to recognize your own relationship over Maddi's "POV" as the wife who can't stay mad at her husband for more than five seconds (try as you might to stand your ground) to feeling her frustration over doing all the work to keep her family running smoothly—without a dime to show for it, as sung along to ABBA for extra reinforcement!


For all the new-ish moms out there, Aly's TikTok content (@allthingsaly) will have you saying "Me too!" in between belly laughs. Aly touches on it all, from the joy of your baby saying their first words—coupled with the utter frustration when they refuse to say mama—to feeling certain that you're only meant to have one child. Until, well, you find yourself going through all the baby clothes that your only baby is starting to grow out of!

The Daily Davidsons

The Davidson family (@thedailydavidsons) matriarch keeps it real. Her videos range from the struggle of getting your kids to confess which one "tore up the house" to admitting that yes, your kids get on your nerves (but of course, you still love them). But parents particularly love the way she nails the truth of raising a sassy daughter (hint, we can thank said daughters for those early gray hairs!)


Christelle (@X_telle), a mom of two, does a stellar job acting out her kids' shenanigans—playing the role of both her son and daughter—in her hilarious videos. Standouts include the time her kids learned about "IOUs" and started leaving them in place of doing their chores (while still helping themselves to candy they would've earned) and the struggle of watching your brother win a sports medal while you get nothing for attending every single game! Her observations are as hysterical as they are sharp!

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