Taylor Grothe

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Education: Duke University, Fairfield University, Columbia University
Expertise: Nonbinary parenting of young children

Taylor is a freelance writer, fiction author, and a nonbinary parent to two little children, ages five and three.


Taylor’s writing career began writing copy for their mother’s exercise studio, where they focused on marketing to new mothers and young parents. They realized they had a knack for storytelling, and wrote freelance pieces for websites like Mother.ly. Taylor is interested in writing about the truth of parenting, and how the stories society tells itself can weave meaning for young families. Their goal is to make parenting, with its challenges and joys, accessible and inclusive to all.

Taylor is a freelance fiction author in the rest of their time, and a nonbinary parent to two little children, ages five and three. Their fiction work can be found in Bag of Bones Press and Coffin Bell Journal, and their first novel is on submission to major publishing houses.

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