The eerie ornaments are also available as witches and skeletons.

By Jennifer Aldrich
September 19, 2019
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Zombie Lawn Flamingos
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Decorating your home for October 31 presents a tough choice: Do you go with Halloween decorations that are scary or opt for ones that are pretty? Well this year, you can actually do both. Amazon is selling festive lawn flamingos that are somehow both creepy and cute.

Recently, while perusing the site for items I absolutely do not need, I came across one of the most spooktacular items I have ever laid eyes on: the Skeleteen Zombie Skeleton Flamingo, $29.99 for two on Amazon. The set comes complete with two different styles of skeletal beings that are absolutely "perfect for creating that creepy, unnerving atmosphere you are looking for." The bewitched birds have a four-and-a-half out of five-star rating and have been praised by a handful of buyers. One reviewer, who gave the product a perfect five out of five stars, writes they're a "cool decoration that everyone loves." They noted that they come in nice packaging, are easy to assemble, and hold up well in inclement weather.

After coming across this creation, I found even more fabulous fowls. My personal favorite is the WitchMingo Lawn Ornament, $31.98. The bright pink accessory is adorably adorned with an entire witch outfit, including a cape, a wig, and a hat. In the same realm as that wonderfully wicked character is the Witch SKEL-A-Mingo Lawn Ornament, $31.79. This version has a "black body with white bone structure," which resembles a skeleton. It also wears a witch outfit, comprised of a cape, hat, and bright blonde wig.

Finally, my searching took me to an item that will entice all the Halloween purists: the Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornament, $20.99. With "excellent sculpt detail of flamingo bone structure," this spine chilling decoration "is sure to turn heads," according to the description. The flamingo even features a fantastically creepy bright red eye, in case the exposed bones and muscles weren't quite enough. If you're transforming your abode into a haunted house this year, you'll for sure want to snag a few of these.

Now, I'm well aware know that pink lawn flamingo ornaments are nothing new to most people. (In fact, HuffPost reports the first pink plastic flamingo was designed way back in 1957 by a man named Don Featherstone.) However, these unique takes would certainly be a fun addition to any front yard this spooky season.