The show is a perfect way to escape and even learn some new painting skills.

bob ross

Now that you've been socially distancing for several weeks, you might have finished your favorite TV show and maybe even breezed through your friends' suggestions as well. Lucky for you, we rediscovered a popular series that might just encourage you to take on a new art hobby. You can watch (or re-watch) every season of The Joy of Painting starring beloved painter Bob Ross, and every episode is free.

To watch Ross showcase his skills, head over to Bob Ross's YouTube page. From there, you'll see that there are 403 videos available, which are about 30-minutes long each, spanning 31 seasons. So you should be able to stay busy for a few days, at least.

The Joy of Painting premiered on January 11, 1983, on public television. Each episode starts with Ross putting a few blobs of oil paint on canvas, but by the end, he has transformed it into a stunning landscape. The Emmy Award-winning show starred Ross, but sometimes guests would stop in, including his son Steve. The series ended after 11 years on May 17, 1994, and Ross died a little more than a year later on July 4, 1995.

Each clip features Ross painting a different scene while he explains various techniques to viewers. Most of his artwork is of wilderness, including his famous happy trees, of course. You can choose to stream the episodes in chronological order and begin with season 1 episode 1, titled "A Walk in the Woods," or, you can browse through the titles ("Mystic Mountain," "Cactus at Sunset," and "Island in the Wilderness" some of my favorites) and watch what's most intriguing to you.

Although the program first aired more than 37 years ago, it's still a classic. Ross' therapeutic voice is ultra-soothing, whether you're following along with your painting or just watching him create art. The positive programming can be a welcome repose as you're working from home, plus, it's family-friendly (and interactive), so everyone can get in on the fun.